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President's Message

The year 2022 is an exciting year for the FM fraternity. Due to the COVID situation, the FM profession was brought into the limelight and the pace for digitization have also quickened.
I would like to share 2 things that we could do as an Association to drive change.
Firstly, we need to come together as one, to imagine and shape the FM industry that we want. During the last World Workplace Asia Pacific Conference held from 26th to 27th July 2022, I shared about the need for us to prepare for the future by shaping it. Most of us prepare for the future, either by simply accepting it or equipping ourselves for it. Instead, I would like to propose a more proactive way of handling the future, where we imagine and shape the future that we want.
Secondly, we need to be technology propelled as an industry. In a book, ’Pivot to the future – Discovering value and creating growth in a disrupted world’, the author Omar Abbosh and co-authors from Accenture, shared about the concept of ‘trapped value gap’. When technology changes over time, it creates a divergence between the value created by business evolution and technology evolution, resulting in a trapped value gap. As progressive FM practitioners, we need to harness technologies so that the value gap could be released, resulting in a win-win situation, for both FM companies and Building owners.
Over the next two years, the Secretariat team will be conducting several Consortium Technology Road Mapping (COTR) exercises, to help different FM sectors discover the future that they want and the kind of technologies that they could envisage and deploy. We hope that many of you will join us for these exercises.
I would like to conclude with a quotation that I shared with my Facility Management Program (FMP) and Certified Facility Manager (CFM) students. The quote was by George Bernard Shaw. He said: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” We need to be selectively ‘unreasonable’ with what we think and do, then we can have progress for the FM industry. Do not accept the industry norm, but rather step forward and be a trailblazer.
Let us work together to imagine and shape the FM industry!
President's Message