Sustainable Net Zero Organisation (SNZO)

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Sustainable Net Zero Organisation (SNZO)

Sustainable Net Zero Organisation (SNZO)

The Sustainable Net Zero Organisation (SNZO) Certification is awarded to organisations that are CFMC accredited and meet stringent criteria aimed at fostering sustainability.

This certification addresses three critical industry gaps: aiding building owners in identifying Facility Management Companies (FMCs) aligned with Singapore’s Net Zero targets, providing formal recognition for FMCs committed to achieving Net Zero in their operations and services, and establishing a comprehensive framework to equip FMCs with the necessary skills and best practices to meet Net Zero goals.

The SNZO Certification is dedicated to advancing the FM sector towards a sustainable future in line with Singapore's environmental ambitions.

Certified Facilities Management Companies may apply for any of the following tiers:

  1. Sustainable Net Zero Organisation (Certified)
  2. Sustainable Net Zero Organisation (Gold)
  3. Sustainable Net Zero Organisation (Goldᴾᴵᵘˢ)

Credentials are valid for 2 years. Renewal for the same tier will be based on the validity of the company's supporting documents. Existing SNZO accredited companies who wish to upgrade to a higher tier will have to reapply.

Please click the below url to apply for SNZO accreditation 

SNZO Accreditation Application Portal

Requirements for CFMC Accredited Facilities Management (FM) Companies to attain this certificate: 





Please click the below url to apply for SNZO accreditation 

​​​​​​​SNZO Accreditation Application Portal