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Virtual Roundtable - Facility Management, Technology & the Future of Work


Are you evaluating return-to-work strategies? Looking to build confidence around the technologies and plans your teams choose to implement to deliver safe and healthy work environments post-pandemic?

In this session, the panelists explore these topics:

  • The role of technology for successful work experiences post-pandemic
  • Main return-to-work strategies that organisations are using
  • Examples of how organisations are balancing productivity, employee engagement, employee wellbeing, and cost savings post-COVID
  • Top priorities organisations should consider when shifting to a hybrid workforce
  • Examples of pitfalls & triumphs that these panelists have been involved in over the past year of change

Meet our Expert Panel

  • Peter Ankerstjerne, Chief Strategy Officer at Planon and Chairman of the Global Board of Directors at IFMA
  • John Raspin, Partner and Director of Energy & Environment at Frost & Sullivan
  • Brett Spindler, Senior Director Building Enterprise Solutions at Schneider Electric
  • Sander Grünewald, Global Head of Real Estate Advisory at KPMG
  • Henriette Weiss, Global Head of Workplace Solutions at Philips Real Estate

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